Blister Packaging

For clients who prefer having their packaging process handled in one place, Vista Pak offers blister packaging services. Blister packaging is cost effective and highly visual method to display and market products from electronic devices and small consumer goods to high end cosmetics.

Advantages of blister packaging include:

  • Our blister cards are designed to bond with PVC (polyvinyl Chloride) and PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic materials in a range of material thicknesses
  • Unique design features including various shapes, sizes, and die cut options available
  • Maximum visible surface area for bold graphics to catch customer’s attention
  • An economical packaging option
  • 6 colour front and back printing allows for graphics as well as product information and instructions
  • Protects products from damage and provides effective theft deterrent
  • Low, moderate, and high volume orders can be accommodated
  • Minimal packaging material makes it more environmentally friendly
  • Our blister cards are backed by our 100% sealibility guarantee

Vista Pak offers complete top quality blister packaging services, from custom blister card design and printing, to packaging, boxing and palleting finished products for shipping.

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