Corrugated Skin Cards

Corrugated skin cards add the benefit of increased rigidity and padding to better protect and display your products.

Corrugated skin card packaging is ideal for a variety of products including hardware, personal grooming tools and implements, and craft and office supplies. This type of packaging is attractive, keeps the product highly visible from multiple angles, and protects products from damage or theft.

Corrugated material is available in a variety of flute sizes, with different benefits, including reduced storage space, shipping strength, and optimal printability. Vista Pak provides high quality, richly printed corrugated skin cards in the following flute sizes:

  • E Flute Skin Pack
  • F flute Skin Pack
  • B Flute Skin Pack
  • C flute Skin Pack
  • BC Laminate Flute Skin Pack

Fluted corrugated skin cards are capable of supporting a great deal of weight, while cushioning and protecting the product.

Please feel free to contact Vista Pak with any questions you may have about corrugated skin packaging products and services, or any of the additional products or services our Toronto area location offers. We ship coast to coast, and proudly serve areas throughout Ontario and across Canada and the Eastern United States.

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