Corrugated Blister Cards

Corrugated Blister Cards

Eye-catching graphics on the blister card grab buyers’ attention, and the transparent plastic makes it easy to examine the product. Sturdy corrugated blister cards add an extra dimension of protection for your products, as well as improved cushioning to protect items from damage.

Custom printed corrugated blister cards provide an excellent surface area on which to display your customers’ marketing and branding imagery. Our corrugated blister cards also provide the strength needed to hang even heavy items, and make it easy to package and display uniquely shaped products that do not stand on their own. Vista Pak offers a variety of weights and thicknesses of corrugated blister cards, including E Flute and F Flute corrugated blister card. We also offer high quality colour printing for both the front and back of your corrugated blister cards with both 4 colour process and PMS (Pantone Matching System) colour printing.

Some of the benefits of blister packaging include:

  • Blister packaging is a cost-effective packaging option
  • Our blister cards are designed to bond with PVC (polyvinyl Chloride) and PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic materials in a range of material thicknesses
  • Maximum visible surface area for bold graphics to catch customer’s attention
  • Unique design features including various shapes, sizes, and die cut options available
  • Vista Pak can accommodate high, moderate, and low volume orders
  • 6 colour front and back printing allows for graphics as well as product information and instructions
  • Minimal packaging material makes blister packaging more environmentally friendly
  • Protects products from damage and provides effective theft deterrent
  • Our blister cards are backed by our 100% sealibility guarantee

Contact Vista Pak for any inquiries about corrugated blister packaging cards, or for assistance with all of your packaging needs. We ship coast to coast, including locations throughout the greater Toronto area, across Ontario, and Canada wide, as well as to the Eastern United States.

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