Folding Cartons

The paperboard we use for our folding cartons can be coated, uncoated, colored, or textured, and can be printed with full colour graphics and text to showcase and promote your product. We can provide a variety of materials for folding cartons, including virgin or recycled paperboard.

For food packaging, special applications may be necessary which may require food grade approved materials or special coatings for freezer applications or moisture control. With many consumer products, particularly those presented in folding cartons, packaging is the only interaction between the brand and the consumer, making effective messaging in a small space essential. Creativity, quality, and innovation in packaging design and labelling are critical with folding cartons.

Some of the advantages of using folding cartons to package your product are:

  • Folding cartons are cheaply and easily prototyped
  • They offer good protection for your product
  • Lots of surface area for graphics and product information
  • Folding cartons provide reusable and recyclable packaging
  • They offer good perceived value to the customer
  • The uniform shapes are easily stacked and boxed for transportation and shipping

Paperboard folding cartons are an inexpensive classic packaging option for your products. For increased strength, rigidity, and protection of your product, we also offer printed corrugated cartons. Contact Vista Pak today for top quality custom printed folding cartons to package and effectively market your products. Our Toronto, Ontario location ships coast to coast across Canada and the eastern US.

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